Art exhibitions are things that you simply cannot miss if you are in London. However, the problem is that there are too many of them to visit in a short span. So here we are listing the best 7 art exhibitions that you cannot miss in 2017.

London Art Exhibitions

The British Museum:

The British Museum is the largest expanse in the whole of London that houses under its roof a lot of exhibits that portray the history, art and culture of London. It is one of the oldest museums in the whole of France that came into existence in the year 1753. The British Museum is a public institution that was built to preserve the human history, art and culture. Since it was a non-governmental body, it was the first of its kind when it was opened in the 1700s.

Modigliani Exhibition:

Modigliani Exhibition is a place that has all the memorable artworks of the 19th and the 20th century. This is one of the technologically advanced museums in the world. The visitors are enabled with the facility to view the artwork of 20th century through virtual reality facility. This VR experience that people get to enjoy here makes this museum a standout amongst its contemporaries.

The Barbican Center:

The Barbican Center is not only a place to exhibit your art, but a lot of things happen under this roof. Art, music, dance, theatre, visual arts and almost all other art forms are performed here. As a part of the art exhibition, the one thing that you cannot miss is the collections of Basquiat, the American artist well-known for his enigmatic epigrams.

The Courtauld Gallery:

By visiting the Courtauld Gallery you can get associated with a lot of forgotten artworks of the history. The Courtauld Gallery also gives school children the opportunity to learn better history with the help of workshops and permission to visit the place as they please. The other academicians need not have to worry because there are lectures and seminars given to you people as well. So if you want to more about the British art and history visit the Courtauld Gallery

The Royal Academy:

The Royal Academy is a privately funded museum and is the hub of the best artworks of artists from around the world. It is not just a place where you can visit and admire things. You can learn and debate as well. The Royal Academy was launched in 1768 to promote the artworks and designs of the Britain artists.

Cartoon Museum:

Despite having collections from the 18th century, it came into existence only a decade ago. Cartoon Museum is a place where you can see, enjoy and recollect beautiful childhood memories that as you glimpse things related to your favorite childhood cartoons. There are a lot of books, comics and several exhibits related to cartoons. The museum was started with the aim of preserving the British Cartoons and caricatures that will never be forgotten by History.

Monochrome Art Exhibition:

Black is not always a color that exhibits melancholy or horror. Even in a world that has gone colorful and bright, a lot of artists still love to keep it conventional. They prefer their artworks to stay in black and white. They are simply people who express modern thoughts through age-old fashion. Monochrome Art Exhibition is the right place for such artists. A monochrome art exhibition is a place where only the black and white artworks are displayed. It is one place where you can understand the world is beautiful even if it is in black and white.