Irrespective of whether we understand art, all of us know to admire it. So here is a list of top 5 painters and artists of the world of 2017 who will create a positive change in the art world. The list is in no particular order so let’s get started.


Marcello Barenghi:

Marcello Barenghi, the Italian artist, is sure to take the top place no matter who gets to list the top 5 renowned artists of 2017. He is well-known for the artistic works that he brings out three-dimensional figures. With so much of realism in art, he can simply bring an object to life with a paper and pen. He is one of the best artists in the world, and no one can simply outwit him at least as far as these 3D images are concerned.

Akiane Kramarik:

Akiane Kramarik is an American personality. She is both a poet and an artist. Though she began drawing at the age of 4 you simply cannot take the fact that she got to the top 3 artists at a tender age of 23. Her artwork of Jesus Christ is one art that your eyes simply cannot forget once you see it. With this work she gained international recognition and then there was no turning back. Her best-known work till date is ‘the Prince of Peace’ drawing, which she drew at the age of eight, quite a prodigy.

Paul Cadden:

Paul Cadden was born in the year 1964 in Scotland. He is popularly known as a hyperrealist artist. It is a general perception that artists take their own time to complete an artwork. They need not have to be systematic at least when it comes to time. However, Paul Cadden is a bit different. Without fail he can produce a maximum of 7 artworks per year. Do not mistake hyper-realism for 3D. They are different concepts. He is extremely real when it comes to drawing a real-life person.

Philip Guston:

Philip Guston is an American artist. Most of the artworks of Philip Guston are cartoonish in nature. He is also widely recognised as an extremely good expressionist. He was a part of a lot of art movements as well and was quite a rebel as early as in the 1900s. Art needs freedom of expression, and if denied they can never be expressed in their purest form. That is when Philip Guston rose to prominence.

Tania Bruguera:

Tania Bruguera is one of the modern day artists who spoke about the importance of art being a part of activism. Artworks are simply not for admiration and fun. They can also play a part of social cause and activism. She is probably the first person to coin the term ‘Artivism’. She coined the term as a means to tell people that artworks can help you both protest and promote social issues. Though a lot of artists did the same before her, it was Tania Bruguera who took it internationally.