Director of Education

Jermaine is Social ARTrepreneur who is passionate about connecting and inspiring people to self-actualize. Through drama, emceein, facilitation and spoken word he aims to co-create meaningful moments rooted in compassion and kindness. Jermaine has had the privilege to perform and facilitate arts-based community programs, events and initiatives for various schools boards, community agencies and companies including York District School Board, Children’s Mental Health of Ontario, York Centre of Community and Education, Watah Theatrical Institute and  Studio Y-MaRs.

Jermaine is Director of Education at Spoke N’ Heard and active member of grass-roots organizations including Grass-roots Youth Collaborative (GYC), Youth Social Infrastructure (YSI) Collaborative, and The New Mentality. His mission is to use his artistry and facilitation skills to curate brave spaces for people to be their full-selves and connect with our humanity.

To connect with Jermaine, email: