Spoke N’ Heard, the Artrepreneurs.

We believe that in every person there is a passion,
and when that passion is harnessed, we create a more purposeful world.

We believe in self-determinism and social enterprise.  We believe in harnessing potential.
We believe in the responsibility of the individual and community
in the positive progression of our beautiful city.

We value the ability to provide profitable opportunities for Toronto’s artists and entrepreneurs to thrive.
In our world, relationships are currency, and we cherish every chance to add value to the lives of others.

We, as a collective, are a microcosmic reflection of these values, our philosophy is both the catalyst and the trajectory in which we manifest our dreams.

We are Spoke N’ Heard.

Mission Statement

We create spaces that allow for a tapping into and harnessing of one’s pure creative passion, purpose and power.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where purpose-filled, self-actualized creatives collaborate to change the course of humanity.

We realize the first stage in actualizing these goals is to establish acclaimed platforms for artists to showcase life-changing art, leading to a culture-shift in Toronto’s Entertainment/Arts & Culture industry. When our community gathers together, and when our artists embody their full selves in performance, a symbiotic ecosystem is established, one that can manifest exponential growth.