Peace Y’all, It’s Jermaine here, Director of Education at Spoke N’ Heard.

I’ve been working on my first EP, called Preview: My Perspective, coming out March 1st. Today is a preview of my song called “Freedom Vibe”. This is a very important song to me especially right now in the state of the world and my world. Dealing with wars in my mind, conflict between people, wars between religions, wars in families, in relationships. You know what I mean? there is so much going on these days and we all desire FREEDOM. It’s freedom time! Nah mean? Feel the vibe?

Like really, in the last few months I’ve had 4 people in my life transition 1 friend, two cousins and an uncle. I believe it’s because we have forgotten we are love, because we are so caught up in the wars in life that we don’t exercise our peace and love with each other. We have let all of these external wars and separations. We refuse to take the blame and responsibility and admit that we are wrong when we put ANYTHING (Addiction, Class, Ethnicity, Race, Religion, Sexuality, Ego) above LOVE and others freedom! I say we because we are all in this together, so I’ll take the blame and responsibility cause I’m an oppressor myself. We need to be honest to our Self, our situation and with society.

Working on this project my perspective has given me an opportunity to express my love and freedom. This is why I Believe Music Helps, it helps me see myself, and the world, in a different way. I’m able to co-create the heaven on earth I dream of. Through my music I am showing a preview of my formula in action.
I.B.L.V you SEE

I IMAGINE a world full of peace, love and unity. I see a world where we can live honestly and passionately co-creating economic systems built on the exchange of health, love, awareness and wealth.

I BELIEVE it takes unapologetic HONEST Love for ALL no matter our orientation. I believe it takes unlearning the systemic conditioning that divides us and tries to put us in different boxes (class, race, religion, sexuality etc.)

LIVING a life of non-judgment and mindfulness of our collective Oneness, mindful that we are all children of God. Being patient with our selves and “others”, honouring each other’s ideas and passions. Being present and aware of the still small voice that is bliss.

Our VOICE sounds like Love screaming on the top of rooftops inviting Divine to guide our lives. Love is our legacy, it is through living a life of love for our passions, people and Life it’s Self.

It’s freedom time, so free your mind and feel the vibe… it’s freedom time!

One Love.

Jermaine Henry is an artrepreneur who aims to connect and inspire humanity through his artistry and expertise. His genius is felt in the very human way with which he approaches community empowerment and mental health de-stigmatization. Jermaine has had the privilege of being invited to develop and implement transformative programs and initiatives within various schools, community organizations and mental health agencies within the last 3 years. With his experience in Community Arts, the Art of Facilitation, event planning, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Restorative Justice and Youth Engagement contribute to his FRESH PERSPECTIVE.


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