Spoke N’ Heard Presents: EQ Tour “Conversations About Equity”
“An exploratory dive into what it means to be valuable, to be human.”


Spoke N’ Heard’s events are generally an enriching, immersive, soulful and socially inspiring experience. “EQ’ is a creative, educational event series, situated at the intersection of entertainment and social awareness. The aim of EQ is to curate safe spaces and foster diverse conversations, about equity and equality, while pulling on the powerfully transformative legacies of spoken word poetry, hip hop, live music and black art/culture. While we maintain that these artistic legacies anchor our event series, at the core of EQ, and Spoke N’ Heard, is a desire to encourage inclusivity and equity among all races, genders, sexualities and experiences.

The name “EQ” comes from the musical term ‘equalizer’, and in our case represents themes of equity and diversity. Artists audibly and visually articulate their experiences, affecting the levels of sound and thought in a space. In the same way that an audio engineer changes the “EQ” of a particular musical track, artists and speakers will attempt change the ‘levels’ of awareness and social consciousness in the spaces we curate.

By partnering with Colleges & Universities, student associations and community organizations, our intention is to foster local, national and international dialogue between participants, artists and social networks (using the hashtag #EQSeries) pertaining to the global struggle for human rights. We hope to partner this with legitimate research for real results regarding positive change in our world.

Date and Time: November 26th, 2014 at 7:00PM
Location: Humber College Lakeshore East Campus, 21 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Venue: Humber Student Federation Centre (Building K)

EQ Tour: Humber College


On November 26th, 2014, Spoke N’ Heard had the privilege to launch our very first EQ Tour “Conversations About Equity” event at Humber College/University of Guelph-Humber Lakeshore Campus East. Through spoken word poetry, music, live painting, and emceein’, topics of equity, social justice and human rights were presented to an audience of students and staff.

This event hosted some of Canada’s most progressive, passionate and talented artists, including The 5 Fingers, One Fist Collective: David Delisca, Randell Adjei, Trevlyn Kay, Quentin Vercetty and Jordon Veira, John River, Komi Olaf, Progress, Yusra Khoghali and Headliners Ahmed Knowmadic (Edmonton) and El Jones (Halifax) to curate what was a very memorable night. This is the first of many events to come that Spoke N’ Heard aims to tour to various colleges and universities across the country and internationally.

EQ Tour: Humber College


  •  “The performers were exquisite, however after their performances there was a question and answer period in which the crowd had the opportunity to have a conversation with the artists about their poetry and the issues in which their poetry spoke to. What was radical about this moment is that the opportunity for change was not wasted, but instead planted within the soil of all those present, given the chance to germinate and in turn further feed and educate the community at large.” 

    Emmanuel Tabi, Ph.D CandidateOISE/University of Toronto

  •  “This is also a platform to encourage students to come out and share their thoughts through different forms of art in front of other students. I think through meaningful and creative expression of their thoughts and ideas, students can alleviate stress and anxiety.” 

    Dylan Rudder, VP Student LifeHumber College, Lakeshore Campus