Spoke N’ Heard specializes in providing practical strategies youth can utilize to promote equity and mental wellness by supporting them in creating new sustainable healthy lifestyle habits. Our track record of success is demonstrated by the lives that have been transformed though our programs.

We are united by our passion for positive social change and community empowerment, with a focus on holistic healing through the arts. We aim to foster the development of life and leadership skills that will equip youth with the tools for well-being and success by providing safe artistic spaces to encourage personal development and self-actualization.

Currently, we work in partnership with The New Mentality, a division of Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO), to de-stigmatize mental health and bring awareness to the root causes of the behavioral, emotional, relational and mental challenges youth face.


Imagine: Who Are We?

We are youth workers who function through an artistic lens; our aim is to be a social incubator that develops youth as artists, people and leaders who promote spiritual, mental, emotional, and economic wellness.

Believe: What Do We Believe In?

  • We believe youth have the answers within
  • We believe self-care is prioritizing mental wellness
  • We believe art is therapy
  • We believe in youth voice and expression
  • We believe in using the arts for advocacy
  • We believe in equity for ALL
  • We believe in meaningful collaborations
  • We believe in social innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  • We believe in transformation and transcendence

Live: How Do We Do It?

We ENGAGE through arts-based assemblies utilizing Hip Hop, spoken word and theatrical productions.
We EQUIP youth through art, life & leadership skills development workshops utilizing the performing arts (Hip Hop, spoken word, theatre).
We MOBILIZE through events, initiatives and building young leaders who co-ordinate and facilitate art-based programming.

Voice: What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to empower a generation of youth who are inspired, confident, capable leaders who take ownership of their lives and prioritize their mental wellness.