Artist: Nayani Thiyagarajah.

Medium: Storyteller.

How Long have you been Creating and Sharing Art: Officially, for the past eight years. Unofficially, since I started reading books my uncle brought home from his factory job at HarperCollins and stored them in an old brown carton TV box.

Five Random Facts About You:

    1. Every morning, when I wake up with the sun, I lay in bed, pull my feet together, forming a butterfly, inhaling and exhaling. It makes me feel as if the trapped toxins, the negative energy, the things I can’t explain, the pain and sadness and anger has safe and quiet space to escape, to be released. It helps me let go and continue to live.
    2. I love creating Photo Booth videos of myself singing Disney songs. I am a Brown Disney Princess in my mind during those moments. This has also helped me to love and respect my high-pitched childlike voice that folks have often made fun of or commented on in not so nice ways. It makes me feel nice about my voice to sing these songs out loud when no one is listening and honour my voice for myself.
    3. I could probably survive on a diet of tea, pomegranates, chocolate, grapes, wine, herb, banana bread, and cheese and crackers. Yum.
    4. I am all-ways trying to be a vegan. And failing. Cheese is my kryptonite. Ugh. 🙂
    5. It took me a long time to love my hair. I’m still struggling with that one. My long, relatively straight, black hair. I know it seems ultra strange, given hair politics in this world. But I was always wishing it was more like my Amma’s thicker textured, tighter coiled hair, because I associated that type of hair with my elders, with my ancestors, with something genuine and connected to those I come from. I still feel uncomfortable when folks comment on my hair and its beauty. It’s an ongoing process.

Favourite Quote: “We know that the heart is the philosopher’s stone.” - Saul Williams.

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