Presenting the Team

Our Members

JordonJordon ‘Jv Da Poet’ Veira – Director

Jordon Veira aka JV da’ Poet was born in Toronto Ontario and grew up across the GTA. He learned how to express himself, through art at a young age. “Spoken word poetry combines my two favorite things; performing and writing”’. He has been performing in various events about three years and enjoys sharing his thoughts through performance with live audiences.

Jordon Veira started a group comprised of eight youth called Spoke N’ Heard. Through this group he has created opportunities for other up & coming young performers to exhibit their talents on stage. “I feel that spoken word is one of the most effective ways to communicate, minister, or relate to people, I am a firm believer in positivity and love. The opportunity to share my deepest most intimate feelings is a great blessing”. Influenced by his mother who is a motivational speaker he has learned a lot through her experiences and through her work he has been exposed to public speaking and the importance of cultural education. Jordon’s goals are to liberate, educate and motivate all those who are influenced by his work and to one day be a successful film director along with his poetry.


Cassidy ‘Freelove Poetree’ Woodley –
Bookings & Artist Management

A 23 year old social science student and art enthusiast, “Cassiidy Freelove” is an aspiring Psycho Therapist and current Event Planner. Her desire is to  design programs which use various forms of art as therapeutic tools and to continue creating/coordinating events  which empower people to revolutionized ways of thinking and behaving.

“In a world where masks are worn like faces and realness has become extinct, I have found an outlet for transparency and a tool for self-awareness in poetry. Spoken word in its truest form to me, is a transparent voice transmitting a poet’s heart beat straight to the ear drums of their listener.”
- Freelove Poetree


Camille ‘Ciel’ Lauren –  Artist & Designer

Camille “Ciel” Lauren, is a twenty year old multi-media visual artist studying Illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Born in Curacao to Jamaican parents, She has a passion for cultural history, and making sure that the voices of our youth are heard. Camille believes that uniting collective strengths to invest in others will lead to lasting solutions for our community. Her niche is storytelling with acrylic paint and mixed media and the tales that she tells often serve as social commentary. Although Camille currently works as an painter and graphic designer, she aspires to eventually become an art therapist. This path appeals to her since expressing herself visually was a healing process growing up; one that was therapeutic as well as mentally stimulating. Camille is a recipient of the Projam Arts and Culture Scholarship, the Guntley-Lorimer Arts and Sciences award, and others. She is currently a program facilitator for the A.I.M. Youth Mentorship program through United Achievers’ Community Services. Lead Designer of the Production company “Spoke N’ Heard”, as well as the group “Outside The Mind”, Camille is also a member of “Tdot Renaissance”, an artist collective aimed at exploring our diasporic journeys.


Shamaia ‘Afroditee’ Veira – DJ

 A lover of all things beautiful and natural, Shamaia Veira aka DJ Afroditee, is an aspiring songstress and Dj. Studying theology in hopes of becoming an author and professor, Shamaia is always in the pursuit of truth. Born in Toronto, she has risen above society’s expectations by living a lifestyle of love.  Her passion and purpose is to inspire through music and knowledge. 


Duane ‘Lighthauspoetic’ Hall – Event Coordinator

Duane Hall, also known as lighthauspoetic, is a passionate artist and social change agent who has been expressing his soul thoughts through poetry for a number of years. His spoken word journey began in the states, while attending university, where he was exposed to dynamic performance poetry through a group called Art & Soul, which he joined and became a foundational member of for five years. Through the years, his talents and creativity have progressed, leading him to the opportunity to assist in the initiation of a Toronto based spoken word forum, Spoke N’ Heard, which provides artists an outlet to express themselves positively. His desire is to use his creative talents to spark a revolution of consciousness that will elevate all of humanity.


Janice ‘Yahuhana’ Santos – Décor/Designer dé

Janice Santos, a.k.a Yahuhana, is a 23 year old Filipino-Canadian who has been involved in the poetry, arts & krump community for a few years. Her desire for fashion lead her into studying Image Consulting and Fashion Styling at George Brown College. Her creative mind, in collaboration with other like-minded artists, has lead her to be apart of the foundation of Spoke N’ Heard, where she is currently leading the Decor and Fashion department. Janice’s mission and future goal is to teach and inspire youth to expand their creativity through art, dance and fashion.


Trivelle ‘T-Styles’ Simpson – Host & Promoter

Who is T-Stylez? Good music displayed in the hip hop art form. A good time combined with a meaningful message, that hip hop seldom presents today. Most of the time today if the song has you feeling the vibe and rocking the message is lost. At the same time if the message is present it is usually in a medium that most won’t enjoy. T-Stylez is something new that you need to hear.

Kay Lopez – Public Relations

Katherine Lopez is a Toronto raised writer, poet, and musician. She came to Spoke N’ Heard with her passion for people and love for art. During her placement in New York, she worked as a Child and Youth worker, with those who struggled with mental and emotional instability. Her experiences there led her strive to be a positive force in the justice system, and from then she knew she wanted to change the world with her words.  She is currently a student at York University, where she studies Psychology, and will later pursue an education in Human Rights Law. She is also a current candidate for the Brampton Arts and Council Writing Award and Grant, and has performed at various poetry events around the city. Katherine is involved in many community service activities as well as creating her own artistic projects, including “The Case for Humanity”. It discusses taboo social issues and will debut September 2012. Her love for people and art has translated into Spoke N’ Heard, and as the Public Relations Director, she has found a way to integrate these passions. She plans to keep creating the best that she can, sharing her mind and soul with the world.